Mission & Vision (Chatham Girls Softball Association)

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The Chatham Girls Minor Softball Association was established in the 1980’s. Our mission is to promote a positive competitive attitude; instilling self-confidence and nurturing the principles of teamwork, character, respect (for both our teammates and opponents) and integrity in both victory and defeat. The emphasis is on developing the fundamentals of softball knowledge and skill, teamwork, self-confidence, and having fun.

We provide programs for ladies from the ages of 5-19. We take pride in providing a safe and fun environment, in which our athletes develop the skills needed to transition from our beginners programs, on through to advanced levels.

While we place an emphasis on building the skills of our athletes, we stress the principals of team work, respect, dedication and pride. These principals help the self esteem and social development of all of our athletes.

The mantra of our association is “Power, Performance, Passion”.