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  • Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

    In consideration of the acceptance of me and/or my child/ward's membership in the Chatham Girl's Softball Association, I the participant and/or the parent/guardian (for the participant under 18 years of age), agree as follows:
    1. I understand that I or my child/ward cannot play in any CGMSA game until after this registration form has been validated and the registration data has been entered in our Association's computerized system.
    2. I have reviewed the waiver on this website (see link in the footer), or if under 18, the participant agreement and my signature affixed hereto indicates my agreement with such waiver and/or participation agreement.
    3. I am aware of the Chatham Girls Minor Softball Association and League bylaws, policies, rules and regulations and agree to abide by them.
    4. I agree that my photographs, pictures, slides or movies taken or made by the C.G.M.S.A., their employee, officers, and directors in connection with my participation in the C.G.M.S.A. either league or tournaments, or any reproduction of same, as well as my name, may in any manner be used by the C.G.M.S.A. or by any person, corporation, or association authorized by the C.G.M.S.A.
    5. I accept responsibility for me or my child/ward's personal possessions and athletic equipment.
    6. I accept all liability for any damage to playing equipment caused by me or my child/ward's careless, negligent and/or improper handling.
    7. I am in good health and have no physical condition that would prevent me from participating in C.G.M.S.A. events.
    8. I understand that playing on a travel team has higher costs involved and fund raising will be part of that understanding in order for the team to participate in tournament events away from home.
    9. The cost for a player registration is $400.00.
    By checking the box and entering your signature below, you agree that you are the player, or legal guardian of the player being registered and to be bound by this Legal Agreement and the Participation Agreement and Waiver and Release of Liability linked to at the bottom of this website.
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