Coaches Code Of Conduct

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As a coach, you represent the organization known as the Chatham Girls Minor Softball Association. This organization, in following the principles and code of ethics as defined below by SoftBall Canada, requires all coaches to abide by these rules in order to continue to coach in this association.

Any complaints, or problems observed by our members will be reviewed by the Association Board of Directors and will be handled appropriately. The main thing to remember is that you have a very important role to play in the development of young athletes, a role that goes far beyond the teaching of game skills.

Your leadership, philosophy and actions will leave impressions far more indelible and much farther reaching than you may have ever imagined. Developing character, sportsmanship and respect depends greatly upon your own approach and the example you set.

The Coaching Code Of Ethics

INTEGRITY – The coach must act with integrity in performing all duties owed to athletes, the sport, other members of the coaching profession, and the public.

COMPETENCE – The coach must strive to be well prepared and current in order that all duties in the respective discipline are fulfilled with competence.

ATHLETE’S INTEREST – The coach must act in the best interest of the alhlete’s development as a whole person.

RESPECT FOR THE RULES – The coach must accept both the letter and the spirit of the rules that define and govern sport.

RESPECT FOR OFFICIALS – The coach must accept the role of officials in providing judgment to ensure that competitions are conducted fairly and according to the established rules.

RESPONSIBILITY TO OTHER COACHES – The coach’s conduct toward other coaches must be characterized by courtesy, good faith and respect.

PERSONAL CONDUCT – The coach must maintain the highest standards of personal conduct and support the principles of fair play.

TOBACCO FREE – The Chatham Girls Minor Softball Association wishes to promote a healthy athletic environment and portray a positive role model for youth. Click on the Logo to read our Tobacco Free Sports policy.

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