Blast Ball

CGMSA House League Schedule 2016


BlastBall!® provides an ideal entry level of play for the youngster who will go on to other advanced levels of the game. BlastBall!® is meant to put FUN back in to the game of Baseball. It is designed to generate fast-paced action, provide recreation and exercise, create enthusiasm and thru simplicity, allow retention of youth participants in the game.

BlastBall!® teaches all five basic fundamentals of baseball and softball: hitting, throwing, catching, running and fielding. It is also just a ton of fun with fast and continuous action and simple rules.

BlastBall!® is played with a maximum of 5 players per team.blastball

A BlastBall is placed on the BlastTee and the first batter hits the ball and runs to the BlastBase. If the batter reaches the Base (the only base used) before a defensive player either catches the BlastBall in the air (an automatic out) or fields it and yells “BLAST “, he scores a run. If the ball is caught or fielded and “BLAST ” is yelled before the runner gets to the BlastBase, then the runner is out. It’s just that simple!

BlastBall is an adaptive Baseball game for the Littlest of Little Leaguers. Any children aged 4 – 6, or those youngsters just looking to be introduced to the Fundamentals of the game of Baseball / Softball are welcome.

The Blastball Program runs for eight weeks starting the first week of June. With completion of the program the last week of July (weather permitting). The program is available Tuesday or Thursday evenings based on the quantity of registrants.

Each practice takes place from 6 pm – 7pm at Lyons Park, Chatham, ON. The diamond is located on Stewart Street.

Coaches and Assistants are always needed! Spend Some Time With Your Child This Season (They won’t be little much longer!)

Convenor: John Krouse

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